How To Keep Your Stomach Happy & Safe While Traveling

by - 3/04/2020 12:00:00 AM

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Almost seven years ago I went on my first international trip. Like most trips, you plan, pack, and dream about how you’re going to immerse yourself in the food and culture of this country. Everything went as planned, we went out to eat the first night, and I had an amazing dinner that to this day I still waved about. Everything was just so fresh and yummy. My dinner was paired with a refreshing fresh coconut that I dreamed of indulging in. My dreams were coming true, this trip was starting off amazing. That night we went out for drinks, and I remember loving the drink and chewing on the ice thereafter. This was my first time out of the county, and I was really just in all. The weather was amazing. High 80’s the food was yummy.

I woke up the next morning, and I knew something was wrong. We went to breakfast, and I couldn't hold anything in. I remember having the chills, I remember not even being able to sightsee.
I was finally able to use my passport and this happens. I was in disbelief. It was the start of my trip, and I cannot hold anything in to spare you the details. This was a country that I had looked forward to visiting all my life, and this happens. I wasn’t prepared for this trip. However, after this visit, I honestly made a lot of changes to my travel preparation. I would prefer to be over-prepared than under. Plus, every second of vacation you should be enjoying. Below, I’m sharing tips on how to keep your stomach healthy while traveling.

How To Keep Your Stomach Happy & Safe While Traveling

Wash Your Hands
It’s so important to wash your hands when traveling. Especially if you have a habit of touching your face. During my latest trip which was a cruise, I washed my hands often, every time I touched something. Yes, hand sanitizer is ok. However, good ole soap and water really do the job. If you do not have access to soap and water. Make sure to carry hand sanitizer wipes and sprays.

I’ve taken probiotics throughout the years, however, I’m going to make sure that I take them daily before during and after my trip to ensure good gut health.

Activated Charcoal
I just do not travel without Activated Charcoal, whether I’m in or out of the country. It has so many amazing benefits. That I just don’t leave home without it.

Drink lots of water and often, you want to make sure that you’re flushing out your system.

Kick-Ass Immune
I started using Kick-Ass Immune a couple of years ago. I do NOT travel without this.

The only issue that I have with this product, is that I originally purchased it due to not needing water when using it. They have now changed directions. I still won't travel without this because it works. However, it was nice to not have to worry about needing a beverage on hand.

How do you keep your stomach happy while traveling?

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  1. I do most of these things already, but the activated charcoal is something I am looking up right now. And also the Kick-Ass Immune. I do not have time to have any physical issues when I am on the road!

  2. Yup, I try to do all of these. I would hate to be sick while traveling. It happened once, and it was so miserable.

  3. I am definitely going to consider probiotics and that Kick Ass product. Sounds like a winning combo to me.

  4. Oh yes! When traveling we all have some stomach problems. We should try these advice next time!

  5. Mama Maggie's KitchenMarch 5, 2020 at 5:43 AM

    Me and my family really love to travel. These tips are really useful and will definitely help us during our travels. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Washing your hands often is a must for sure. I consider myself an OC when it comes to hand washing actually. :) -LYNNDEE

  7. Activated charcoal? That's pretty interesting and I would be trying it out.

  8. Tiffany La Forge-GrauMarch 5, 2020 at 3:45 PM

    I am always worried about how my tummy will behave on a trip. It is always wanting to throw a fit.

  9. We are trying to do our best at keeping up with taking Probiotics. I know it always helps my gut when I remember to take them daily.

  10. Honestly, I never did these extra steps. I just try to drink a lot of water and wash my hands often. The charcoal is new to me!

  11. No one wants to ruin their vacation with an upset stomach. Taking a few precautions can make or break your trip.


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