Things You Should Know To Survive Your First Blogger Conference

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I attended my first blogger conference in 2012. Attending that conference really changed my entire mindset about the blogger community. Blogging was still relatively new to me, and I didn’t realize there were so many bloggers from different states. It was truly an amazing experience. I learned so much by attending the conference. I met so many people, it’s such a wonderful time to learn and grow in my niche...

Make the most out of the situation, and always remember to be you. 

You have to remember that some blogger conferences are literally like family reunions for some bloggers. This is the only time of year that they’re able to see their blogger besties in person. Typically, no spouse or children are around. It's the vacation that they've been waiting for all year. So yes, it might seem cliquish. However, this is something that they look forward to doing every year. Don’t take it personally, I'm sure they don't mean any harm by it. You will be surprised at how many attendees are attending for the first time and don’t know anyone. Many conferences will have facebook groups to connect with new attendees and past attendees that want to connect. I’ve attended many conferences. I never felt this way. I always did my own thing (for lack of better words) I wasn’t worried about the people that I didn’t converse with me. I cherished the convos that I had with people I did speak with. Don't take it personally!! Cherish the people and moments with the people that do want to connect with you. 

Private Dinner
A lot of conferences host private dinners, typically it's a sponsor that's hosting a private dinner. Sometimes you’ll know about the dinner in advance, and sometimes you’ll just see photos on social media. Don’t take it personally. Brands typically only invite a small group of attendees to these types of events. I think some people fail to realize that a lot of brands invite bloggers based on their current needs. I’m sure you’ll start to see a common theme with the attendees. Maybe they’re located in a market that the brand hasn’t expanded to yet. Don't take it personally. It's not always about followers, sometimes it's a lot deeper than what brands share. 

My first blogger conference I did not have a roommate. The conference was held in New York which is about two hours from me, and the Mister actually attended with me. Sharing a room is a great way to cut down on conference costs. Most of the time with a great conference you’ll only in your room to sleep and take a shower. The last conference I attended. I barely saw my sweet conference roommate. We had different schedules. Our last day of the conference was the most time we spent with each other, and it was so nice to catch up. Do your diligence. Most conferences will have facebook groups to assist with finding a roommate. If you know, you’re not the roommate type. Spare you and the other conference attendee the trouble.

Good Fit
Honesty, the only way you will know if a conference is a good fit for you, is by attending. Don’t go by what others say. Not all conferences are meant to be the perfect fit for all bloggers. Yes, with anything it’s trial and error and it takes an initial investment. Don’t take it personally, it takes time to find the perfect conference to meet your blogger needs. 

Most conferences partner with hotels. You will notice that a lot of conferences are even taking place at the host hotels. When conferences, tend to take place this way. I prefer to stay at the conference host hotel. It really just makes everything a lot easier. Because everything is typically at the same space. 

Time Management 
Time management is so important when attending conferences. It’s so important to make sure that you’re on time for conference sessions. A lot of sessions won’t allow you to enter the conference room if you’re running late. Of course, try to have your phone on silent and don’t have any side conversations as rule of thumb. There will be times when rooms are booked and some people are sitting on the floor or standing up. Not all conferences allow this. Some will close the room once it's full. This is when being on time is key if you really want to attend that season. If you're unable to attend it, and you meet someone that did. Ask them if you can exchange notes. 

Do you have any first-time conference attendee tips?

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  1. I've never been to a blogger conference so I am definitely taking notes. I should really look into if they offer some in my area.

  2. Never been to a blogger conference. Have to see if there will be any close to where I live

  3. I'll keep these in mind. I would like to go to a blogger conference one day. I'm just incredibly introverted, so I'd have to talk myself into going.

  4. I have never been to a blogger conference but it is something I would love to go one day. I'll have to keep these things in mind!

  5. Great tips! I think that you are right that it can be clickish. Some people can take that very personal! I just try to find my own way and hope to meet some new people.

  6. Thank you for sharing all of these great tips! It's never fun to go into a new experience with no idea what to expect. Better to be prepared.

  7. These are all great tips! It's always fun to meet new people in a conference trip!

  8. These are all some really good tips. I haven't been to any conferences yet. They are hardly ever in my area sadly.

  9. Great tips, especially staying at the host hotel! It's not worth the trouble to commute in the morning.
    I'm hoping to go to a blogger conference one day. I always seem to have something going on and can't get away. I think the best thing would be to schedule my vacation around the conference.

  10. These are great tips. Conferences can be overwhelming with so many options. It is nice to have an idea of how to manage it all.

  11. These are great tips! I've been to one blogging conference and it was really great. There was a lot going on and I felt a little overwhelmed at times, but I'd love to attend another one like that.

  12. Great tips. I remember being nervous at my first blogger conference in 2016, but ended up loving it. I met so many women who have become mentors along the journey :) Love your recommendation to stay at the host hotel, it truly does make things easier :)

  13. These are all really great tips! I've been to a handful of media conferences, and have met and done a ton of blogger sessions, but haven't been to a blog conference as yet, so these are good to know for my eventual blog conference I'd like to attend soon!


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