The Tribute Rivera Palm Springs Review

by - 4/03/2019 12:00:00 AM

I recently stayed at the Rivera and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I did do a Google search or checked out any reviews. I must say that I’m happy that I didn’t I’m blown away by the attention to detail of this hotel.  So much character.  Below I'm sharing a review of this hotel. 

The lobby of this hotel is Instagram worthy. I loved the modern chic decor. 

Though I didn’t dine at this hotel. Several restaurant options are available on site.

I believe this hotel had two pools with hot tubs. Plenty of chairs and space at the pool. They also had several fire pits.

My room was really spacious. I loved the decor in my room and my bed was really comfortable. I love that bottled water was offered which can really come in handy during long travels. My room also had a refrigerator and coffee maker. I had a view of the pool which was breathtaking to look at each morning. 

All of the staff were super friendly. They were really informative about the surrounding areas and really helpful whenever needed.

This hotel is in within walking distance to many hotels and shops. It’s also really close to the airport. 

Room Tour Video

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  1. This place looks beautiful. I have driven past Palm Springs many times that I have never actually stop there. Now I know where to stay if I ever do!

  2. What a great looking place to stay in while visiting the area. Looks great and comfortable

  3. Oh my gosh, how beautiful! I would love to stay here. If I'm ever in Palm Springs, I'd check this place out for sure.

  4. You had me at refridgerator and coffee pot, lol. I need both when I travel. This is a beatuful place and your photos are just stunning. I feel like I'm there when I look at them.

  5. I always like a spacious room. This looks like a wonderful place to stay.

  6. I love seeing the landscaping at places like this. It helps me determine what kind of thought went into the planning. This one gets good marks!

  7. The fountain, the shrub wall, and the other wall with the design on it are all stunning!

  8. What a beautiful place! So perfect for beautiful vacations!

  9. What a beautiful hotel! It sounds like you had a great experience there too.

  10. That looks like a beautiful place to stay in Palm Springs. I'll keep that place in mind. -Lynndee

  11. This is a great place to stay! I like how cozy it looks and as you say. Friendly and helpful staff is awesome!

  12. I love the green they used for the inside color - reminds me so much of nature indoors.

  13. I love it! It looks like a very cool spot, I especially love the 60's decor vibe it has.


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