2019 Goals: 19 for 2019

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Not sure why 2018 was so in a rush to leave, however, it really feels like this year has flown by. So much has happened this year, and I'm honestly truly thankful for the continued support of my blog. This is my third year of creating this list, and I really enjoy creating it and putting it out there to the universe to keep myself accountable. This list, annual list all started with items that I would stop buying, and it has evolved to a blog post that I now look forward to creating. Below I'm sharing 19 things that I will start, stop, and splurge on.

19 Things that I want to Start, Stop and Splurge On

1. Read More- I did horrible reading this year. Not going to sugar coat it. I just have to get better at making time to read.
2. Date Myself- This year was the first time that I consistently dated myself. Even when I was single I never dated myself this much. I love every minute of it. I explored so many new places, and just had an overall good time.
3. Stop buying just to buy! - I did great with this in 2018, I want to continue to not buy just to buy.
4. Treat myself- I still struggle when treating myself, however, I jump for everyone else. I guess it's hard because I've stated that I want to stop buying to buy. It would be nice to treat myself though.
5. DSLR- (Learn how to shoot in manual mode) My photography has improved, however, I still don't know how to shot in manual mode.
6. Nails Done- I want to continue keeping my nails done. I did really great with it this year, and I want to continue with this routine in 2019.
7. Quality- I want to invest in a couple of high-end pieces for my wardrobe. I have to really narrow down the pieces I want and maybe create a buying schedule.
8. Planner- Spend more time using my planner, checking it daily, and really using it in depth.
9. Hobby- I didn't attend any classes this year, however, I'm still open to the idea. I love crafting and baking, and I just have to take time out for me.
11. Travel often - I didn't travel as much as I wanted to this year. I would love to travel more.
12. YouTube- I just did horrible with YouTube this year, not sure what's up with me. I just have to do better.
13. Language- Learn basic phrases. (brownie points, if I learn a new language.)
14. Silhouette machine - Mid-year, last year I rearranged our home, and typically around this time of year, I use my machine a lot. However, I really do love using my silhouette and I have to get back into the habit of using more often.
15. Drink more water - For some reason, I struggle with drinking a lot of water during the colder months. I have to be more consistent with drinking water no matter what time of year it is.
16. Self-Care Day - This year I did pretty well with incorporating a self-care day. I know this wasn't mentioned in my last year. However, I really love having self-care days, and I want to try to be more consistent with having them.
17. Makeup- I've noticed that I've done well with doing my makeup, However, I haven't really done any dramatic looks. Not sure what's up with that, however, I really do enjoy playing in makeup.
18. Get Dressed Up - I noticed that when I'm dressed up my entire mood changes. I have to get better at being overdressed. I used to be really good about this.
19. Minimalist- I want to continue to purchase what I need and all areas of my life.

What are some of your 2019 Goals?

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  1. AMEN to the Stop buying just to buy. I'm def gonna work on that a lot harder this year!

  2. Taking more time for oneself is important to recharge and continue on. Headed to library today to get new books just for me

  3. Great ideas to think about in this new year. I have to learn to take care of me more in 2019 and make more time to do the things I need.

  4. I am definitely going to try to read more and travel more often. 2019 is going to be a great year!

  5. Those are some great goals, I know that you'll do well making sure that you acheive those goals! You got this!

  6. It's nice to have a strategy going into the New Year! I like your goals. Getting my nails done is one of the things I don't do, and it does help us save money. And I too always want to travel more!

  7. I love that you're adding splurges to your goals for 2019. I would love to get a pedicure or two or three.

  8. So many great ideas and I especially love #2 Dating Myself. I think I'll do the same in 2019. Best of luck to you in achieving your goals!

  9. Awesome goals! One of mine is to read more too!

  10. I just started couponing so "buying just to buy, and impulsive spending must slow down for real". I also need to continue to offer quality services to clients in my private practice but I should attend some networking events this year.

  11. Great Blog! Glad I found it from you IG post!!


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