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I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Last year I created goals for 2018 I'm so happy that I created this post last year. I honestly forgot all about it. I've noticed that I struggle with sharing my process with you guys, and I have to honestly get better at that. Writing this post last year was one of the best blogging decisions I've made. I'm a mom, wife, sister etc, and I too struggle with self-care. I just have to get better at it, and not lose myself while trying to care for everyone else. This year really flew by to me... way too fast. As the saying goes “time waits for no man”. I'm currently working on my list for 2019, and below I updated my list from last year. The items that are in bold I still need to work on, and the items that are crossed out, I believe that I was pretty successful at completing.

18 Things that I want to Start, Stop and Splurge On

1. Treat myself- Not sure why it's so hard for me to treat myself. I would like to start doing that on a more regular basis. I say no to myself way too much and I have to learn how to create a balance.
2. Read More- I did so poorly with reading this year. I have to learn how to make time for it each day.
3. YouTube- I would like to be more consistent with YouTube. Not sure what happened towards the middle of the year.
4. Date Myself- I have to learn how to date myself more and take myself out.
5. Nails Done- I learned that this year that I really love having and keeping my nails painted. Something about it just makes me feel good about myself. I have to learn how to incorporate this more.
6. Stationary- I'm open to the opportunity to collaborate with brands. However, I have way too much stationary products that I've purchased on my own.
7. Tablescape- This year we purchased a dining room table. I'm totally obsessed with creating tablescapes. This is something that I love so I have to make time for it.
8. Decor- I have a lot of home decor that I rarely get to play around with. I want to spend more time making sure that I'm in love with my home.
9. Clothing- I only want to purchase clothing that I'm in love with. I just don't want to purchase just because it's a great price.
10. Minimalist- I want to continue to purchase what I need and all areas of my life.
11. Capsule Wardrobe- I want to create a capsule wardrobe and take you guys on the experience of how I put together the outfits.
12. Quality- I want to invest in a couple of high-end pieces for my wardrobe
13. Hobby- I have so many hobbies that I love. Would love to take a couple of classes on them.
14. DSLR- Learn how to shoot in manual mode
15. Family Game Night- We need more of these
16. Stop buying just to buy!
17. Planner- Spend more time using my planner
18. Planner Supplies- Stop buying planner supplies just to buy them.

How did you do with your 2018 goals? 

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  1. I haven't really made any goals for the new year yet, but I have to sit and think of a few. I want to be better about youtube, too.

  2. I am feeling the someway when it comes to hobbies. So many things interest me so I really need to take couple classes. Love to read here and need to get to the library more often.

  3. My biggest goal was to earn more, which I think I did! I wanted to travel a lot, that goal I didn't do as well as I hoped. I am hoping in 2019 there will be more travel and also spending as much time with family as I can.

  4. I should do a list like this! I do like to make goals. I know for sure I'll never be a minimalist so that will never be on my list. I do love to read and I always make time to do that. Instead of Facebook browsing, I pick up a book.

  5. At least you were able to cross off nearly 1/2 of the things on your list. I am focusing more on saving for my retirement. I wish I knew then what I know now, I definitely would've saved more.

  6. I only made a few and I accomplished most. I like this idea of making a post then going back and taking an assessment of how I did.

  7. I enjoyed reading your list. I like that you have things that are both ones you want to do, as well as habits or things you want to stop doing. I will have to make up a list for myself!

  8. Congrats on crossing some things off of your list! I need to make a list like this for 2019.

  9. I have a few blog related goals but beyond that I haven’t really thought about it. I need to figure some stuff out! - Jeanine


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