Hotel Review: Leonardo Hotel London Heathrow Airport

by - 9/06/2017 11:30:00 AM

I recently started at the Leonardo Hotel just a few minutes from the Heathrow airport and I wanted to share with my readers my experience. I know finding the perfect hotel when you have a flight the next morning can sometimes be really difficult especially with mixed reviews. My main goal was to be as close as possible to the airport. Upon my arrival at the airport, I was pleasantly surprised that the airport offered free transportation through the regular hopper buses to and from the airport due to the hotel being within the first two stops. They also offer shuttles service for a fee that drops you off right in front of the hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel from the airport. I noticed that the hotel entrance was not in the front of the hotel but in the back. I can imagine it’s due to the hotel being on the main road in route to the airport.


The lobby of the hotel is really pretty. I was really surprised at how modern it looked. The lobby is adjacent to the hotel restaurant which really adds a nice touch to the area and is really convenient if you plan on dining at the hotel.


The staff at the hotel were nice and knowledgeable of the area and were able to answer any of my questions that I had.


I loved that this hotel offered an onsite workout area which of course I took advantage of. The gym had the basic equipment which really came in handy for my workout the night before check out. I don’t believe that this hotel had an onsite pool. However, I did not check. I do love that this hotel offered a shuttle to and from the airport if you didn’t feel like walking to the bus stop on the main road. The shuttle pulls right in front of the entrance and I believe you can purchase tickets at the airport and the hotel lobby.

Proximity to the airport

This hotel was about a 10-minute bus ride to the airport. I loved how close this hotel was to the airport. I believe it was under two miles which were what I was looking for.


My room wasn’t as modern as the hotel lobby. My bed was really comfortable. My room was clean and my shower water actually did get really hot. Which honestly, it’s really the little things when you're traveling. I love that this hotel offered complimentary tea, coffee, and sparkling water in the rooms which was a really nice touch. I noticed that you have to insert your key card in a slot in the wall when entering for the lights to turn on which was really different for me.

Overall, I would stay at this hotel again and I did recommend this hotel to family. You really get your bang for your buck and my overall experience was great.

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  1. I will keep this in mind if we venture out that way! Thanks for sharing!


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