4 Things You Need for a Blogger Conference

by - 9/20/2017 11:30:00 AM

We are still in the mist of Blogger conference season with Mom2.0, Blogalicous, and so many others coming up. These tips are coming at perfect timing. I wanted to share with you a few tips for the four items that you’ll need for your next conference. I know one of the biggest questions is what do I actually need and shouldn’t leave home without from conference newbies and I wanted to combine a list of items that I just can't leave the house without.

Power Bank

Say it with me "Bring a power bank" between tweeting, Instagram, Facebook and/or Snapchat. Don't leave home without a power bank. I made the mistake this year forgetting my power bank in my suitcase at the hotel. Well, guess what. Within an hour or so, my phone was about to die and I had to use someone's power bank. Not every conference will have charging stations. Some won't even have power strips at the tables. Come prepared and invest in a great power bank. Upon arriving back home from Blogger bash I immediately invested in a high-quality power bank. Trust me, you’ll be asking yourself “why didn’t I buy this sooner".

Business Card

This is a no-brainer. However, you’re human and will forget stuff. If you plan on attending a blogger conference. Make sure that your business cards are up to date with your current information and also make sure that you don’t forget to pack them. In the event that you run out or are about to run out allow people requesting a business card to take pictures of yours and I highly suggest getting the contact information of the brand if you run out of business cards.


I always suggest having snacks on hand. When I arrived back from Blogher’17 and Blogger Bash I was exhausted. I made sure that I stayed hydrated and had plenty of snacks with me. You’re not going to like all of the food offered at the blogger conference. Plus, you really don’t want your stomach growling while speaking with a brand rep. Carry a water bottle and a small snack to assist you with getting through the day.


This might sound really simple. However, in the event that your phone dies, or you lose it and/or it starts to malfunction. Have good ole trusty pen and paper with you. Nothing sucks more than needing to write a quick mental note or someone’s contact information. You can decide what your preference size is. From a legal size notebook to a pocket notebook. Carry one with you for those just in case moments. You may prefer to hand write everything. Do what works for you and bring enough for the conference.

The list can go on and on. I would highly suggest you check out my other blogger conference tips posted here. However, these are the four items that come to mind if you have to grab what you can and go to a conference.

Do you have any must-have tips for a blogger conference?

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  1. every time i blog i should have a water and snacks lol, great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Unfortunately I dont have any tips but I am taking all these tips on board! You are so knowledgeable!!!

  3. I had to learn this the hard way and go to quite a lot of conferences before I thought to bring my own snacks! I get hungry really easily so I always carry snacks with me now.

  4. Ah the power bank is so genius! That's a blogger's worst fear... running out of juice!

  5. I always have snacks and water with me. but a good reminder to keep business cards with you

  6. Such a great tips to give for us bloggers specially attending in some conference, I would add maybe my special tea ;)

  7. My devices dying is my worst nightmare! I always have power planned when I'm going to be away from home.


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