{ Tips } Surviving The Summer Financially with Teens

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I've come across many great resources on budgeting when you have children. However, I haven't seen anything on severing the summer with teens which can be really expensive. As you know my son turned 13 this year and boy he has turned into Mister independent. I wanted to share with you guys some tips that I will be using this summer to get through the weekly outings with his friends.

Community Calendar
If you have a lot of community outings in your town on the town green which our Teen/family orientated, I would suggest writing down all of the upcoming events and strategically setting a spending budget for each event. Seeing how most teens don't know if they're attending the event until the day of. I would suggest planning around all events. For instance, Our town has a local Derby every year that a lot of the teens hang out at. Since this was the first year my mini-me went with his friends he had a set amount that was given to him. I suggested to him that he doesn't spend all of his money in one place. He mentioned that he would be eating at the local Subways which I thought was a great idea. I had a couple of coupons on hand and gave him enough for him and his friends. It's not going to save him a ton of money. But saving something is better than nothing.

Luckily most of my son's close friends celebrated their birthdays during the fall/winter months. Seeing how most of my son's friends are turning 13th. Most of them are having celebrations for their birthdays. I would like to put aside money for just a few birthdays. Seeing how most kids have Apple products. I'm thinking about putting aside a $10 Apple gift card to have on hand. ( I'm over buying fancy gifts $20 is my limit unless it's a big shindig )

Sample Gift ideas
  • Movie tickets
  • restaurant gift cards
  • Amazon (a lot of families have Amazon Prime)
  • Barnes and Noble
Mall Trips
Yup, I remember this age. My son wants to go to the mall pretty much every weekend. Is he allowed to go every week, No! However, I have explained to him that when he does go it would be more so to window shop ( unless he's school shopping or shopping for a gift) and have lunch/dinner. At our local Mall, most of the children go to the food court and just walk around and hang out.
Unfortunately, in the state of Connecticut, you have to be 14 to get a summer job through summer programs. Which unfortunately there are very few so he probably would not be offered the opportunity. I've done research on what teens can do to earn extra cash in the summertime. My son is eager to make his own money and we're also thinking of some entrepreneur options. We are going to start off with him cutting grass for friends and family, taking the trash out when friends/family are on vacation. (if you have any suggestions please let me know. )

I believe the biggest part of surviving the summer with children is having a plan and a budget.

What are your tips for surviving the summer with teens/children?

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