My Beach Must Haves

by - 6/02/2016 12:00:00 AM

If you're anything like me you love going to the beach during the summer months. To be honest, I love going to the beach as long as it's not freezing and snow is not on the ground ( New Englanders Issues) I thought it would be cool to share my beach must haves.
Sun Hat
A sun hat is a must have for going to the beach. I typically like to have on hand a white, Black and Tan one.
Good Read
I prefer not to get in the water. But love the views. While I'm at the beach I enjoy a good read. This is one of my personal favorites here and here.
If we're grilling while at the beach or just going to go. I always bring with me cereal bars and fruit. I always also make sure that I have a beverage on hand to quench my thirst.
Water Shoes
These are a life saver when going to the beach and pools. This is a true investment. My entire family owns a pair. I typically purchase a new pair every year. My flip flops usually fall off at some point which gets pretty annoying. So I just stick with my water shoes.

Do you have a beach must have?

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