New York Birthday Trip Recap

by - 2/05/2016 07:58:00 AM

For my 30th Birthday my sister though it would be a great idea to goto New York. I was actually really excited about the trip. Even though I live so close to New York. I hardly ever go anymore.
 I really wanted to bring my DSLR camera with me. The Mister was not trying to hear it, and to be honest, with all the walking we did, I was glad I actually left it behind. On our way to New York it was sort of a slushy mixture which I really wasn't trying to witness. You see, last year their was a blizzard on my birthday and I was snowed in. 
I was so happy to see that the rain/snow mixture cleared up when we finally reached NY. 

On our way slush mixture 

Once we arrived/ New York Traffic

Birthday dinner

Since our time was really limited, I decided that I would wake up the next morning and visit my favorite store Zara. 

Let's just say it was an epic fail. I mean I walked, and walked and could not find the store. Finally while in route to a restaurant I realized that we were near Zara or I at least was hoping so. The store was in the same exact location that I remember at Blogher. I was able to find so many great pieces for my son. With prices starting at as low as $4.99. YAY

Any staycay's in the works? have you found any good deals lately? 

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