Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

by - 2/09/2016 05:28:00 PM

Something about the winter time just screams chewy chocolate chip cookies. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate. I actually prefer caramel.... Of course, I went to Pinterest to see if I could locate a recipe I found around the same time last year. It's like I get so excited about trying something that I find on Pinterest than I forget to Pin it. Anywho, I found several recipes. I found one that I actually liked and it disappeared from my screen. I came across this recipe and was excited because it wasn't a large batch of cookie dough. Sidenote: I didn't want to make a large batch due to not knowing how this batch would turn out. 

I was really excited how this batch turned out

I used my cookie scooper to make the balls.

The cookies turned out perfect. They were buttery, chewy, and full of flavor. I made some before and the cookies didn't come out the way chocolate chips supposed to taste. I'm happy to say that these cookies are not my go to recipe.

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