My V-Day Shopping on Budget ( Recap )

by - 2/19/2016 02:29:00 PM

V-Day is officially over and done with. However, I could not end the month without sharing some of my frugal V-Day finds. My goal was to try and maximize my v-day budget. 

I decided that I was going to put together goodie bags for the Mister and my mini me. I purchased a book to add to their bags. Thanks to the Dollar Tree ( the Misters book is on the left and mini me's is on the right) 
The mister is a huge giants fan so I had my eyes on this appeal going on sale and I was able to snag all three items for under $25. ( all three items were 70% off)

I also opted to make my mini me a monogram sweatshirt which he loves.

I really loved how everything turned out. Plus my family loves everything too. 

Were you able to any "Great Finds" for V-Day? 

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