My New Bestie: Dress Form

by - 10/13/2015 09:04:00 AM

( the one I originally wanted) 

If you follow me on Instagram I posted way, way back about requesting a dress form for Christmas. With me being away for the holidays I totally forgot about it. I thought about revisiting that gift idea. So of course I brought it up it to the mister and he made it happen. First I wanted the adorable one with the black dress. However, seeing how I wanted to use this dress form for multiple use and just not standing pretty in our home. I decided to actually look into some of the other dress forms in stock.

Prior to going to the store I noticed online that Hobby Lobby had very few dress forms in stock. 
Upon arriving to the store I noticed only one dress form on the floor and it had a imperfection. Of course I went for assistance to see if they would be getting more in stock. The first person I came in contact with was a store manager stocking the shelves and he was super helpful. He showed me all of the dress forms that they had in stock. I noticed the super cute black dress form. However, it was super small and appeared that it could be only used to look pretty. 

I decided to ask the manger if he could possibly give me a discount for the dress form with the imperfection and he gave me $10 off. I was super excited. Due to this being another "want" item checked off my list. YAY

(the one I purchased) 

It you follow me on poshmark. You would have seen that the dress form has been getting a lot of use. Now that I think about it, Hobby Lobby is the only store that I have seen sell dress forms that are not used for seamstress. 

Any who, have you purchased a "want" item lately?

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