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by - 10/23/2015 08:13:00 PM

I'm not sure why, but I make homemade pizza a lot in the fall and winter. I wanted to make a semi-homemade stromboli. However, I opted to just keep it safe and make a pizza. I can usually find pizza dough at my local supermarket for under a dollar. (Walmart sales pizza dough too) I know I took the lazy route especially since I made it again today. Just the thought of cleaning my KitchenAid mixer had me running to the store to purchase the dough. As you guys know I consider myself a vegetarian (the world considers me a pescatarian.  I opted to just add red peppers, mushrooms and onions. I love how I have the option to just add what I want at the fraction of the cost. Plus, this is a super cute idea for pizza night. Have everyone make their own pizza. Also, I do own a pizza stone. However, I usually have trouble transferring the pizza dough to the stone. Yup, we own a pizza peel too... Hence, the reason I am using a baking sheet. (if you follow me on SnapChat @SimplyTasheena, I posted the finished product) 

Anywho, are you a pizza lover like me? 

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  1. I am a pizza lover when it comes to homemade recipes. It's just so fun being able to create your own little masterpiece. Love your recipe!

  2. I love pizza and for some reason I have never made a homemade one but I think that is something fun for us to to do as a family during a cold Friday night. I've made dough from scratch before and it is completely overrated!


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