Fathers (Week 25 of 52) Project #52

by - 6/30/2015 06:17:00 PM

Even though my son has his biological father. He was blessed with also having a super amazing step-father and grandfather. Being a young mom I depended on my parents a lot to assist me with raising my son. I was a young single mom just trying to make ends meet. My father really stepped up to the plate with assisting me with raising my son. Their were times when I did t have a baby sitter for work and I would have to drop my son of at my fathers job. To avoid the long drawn out story. He's been very influential in my and my sons life.

From day one the mister has assisted me with my mini me. He has children of his own and does his best to treat all of the children equally. He's very involved in his sports. So much so that when my sons biological father attends his games. We usually get pulled to the side by other parents because they had no idea the mister wasn't his bio father. 

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