End of School Updates (Part 1)

by - 6/17/2015 06:55:00 AM

I can’t believe my son is almost finished with his first year in middle school. I remember around this time last year I wondering how he would do in middle school, how his peers would influence him and what type of influence he would be to his peers.
By no means has this year been easy for the both of us…

What I’ve learned as a parent is consistency is key. I try to be as consistent with him as possible. I want him to really look back and say to himself that my mom really cared about my education and my future.

If you follow me on Snapchat (simplytasheena) then you know all too well about this day. I was running late to the ceremony. Due to stating off my day later than usual, I had an idea of what I was going to wear. However, I have the bad habit of confirming the time of an event at the last minute. Even though my son told me several times that this event was starting at 8 am. When I finally got back home from walking the dog, I had less than 30 minutes to get dressed and out of the house off to his school.

To my surprise I made it 6 minutes late and did not miss him receiving his certificates…

He was so excited, he was so proud of himself. I was so proud of him. He did it! We did it!

I wanted to show him that his great work will never go on noticed in our home. I knew I wanted to post his certificates somewhere in our home. However, I didn’t know where or how. I’ve noticed that he loves seeing his test scores displayed on our walls at home. However, this time around I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to surprise him, and at the same time show him it would not go unnoticed at home…

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