Free Tray Makeover (From Drab to Fab)

by - 5/06/2015 02:31:00 PM

While at my local Habitat for Humanity Store. I came across this FREE gem and I knew I could not leave it behind. As the saying goes "if it's free, It's free for me" (I think I said that right) Anywho, I used the same application I used HERE  I didn't get the chance to seal it in. However, it's hold up great!

(Tray before)

I also found this monogrammed cup at my local Michael's Craft ( I believe it was $1.00). The fake roses are from a prior shopping trip at the craft store ( I can't remember which one)

The mister was very impressed at how it came out. I know he was ready to throw the tray away prior to the transformation. LOL

Do you have any Drab/Fab projects you recently worked on? Share the link below!

Glitter Free (had some already on hand from a prior project)
Tray (Free)
Spray adhesive (prior project)


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  1. How do you keep the glitter for rubbing off on your hands etc.?

  2. Good idea! Thanks for sharing :)


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