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I decided to show a "Lost File" picture (Essie "Off the Shoulder"). When I polish my nails, they usually last a day or so (I still wash dishes without gloves). So I have gotten in the habit of taking photos on my phone once the polish dries (if lighting permits). Well, while looking through my old phone (I'm finally on "team IPhone") I found so many great pictures of my nails polished and pretty that I've never posted. 
I received this bottle of nail polish from one of the awesome parties I attend at Blogher13' (oh how I miss thee ***sigh***) For lack of better words I "Killed this bottle" I wore this color pretty much every day with everything summer/fall of 2012...ok, so last week I did go to my favorite local beauty supply store and the did not have the nail design brush set. (They did however have a couple I natural hair products, which is another story.) Anywho, I will be participating in Just another MANICure Monday hosted by LA Lynns Shoppe and Lip Gloss and Binky. Stop by and join me!

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Thank You For Stopping By!

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  1. Love the color... You can NEVER go wrong with PINK!


  2. Love that pink. I have to go and find that one. I love that color on my skin tone. I'm pretty sure I have a shade very similar in my stash now to go dig for it! Thanks for linking up!


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