Happy Friday!!!!

by - 1/11/2013 06:48:00 AM

Happy Friday!

The second weekend of the New Year! How are things going? I still have some Christmas decorations that still haven’t made it to the garage. Mini had his first game last week, which went well. I also had to bring him to the emergency room on Sunday (Thank you everyone for your well wishes on Instagram) He is feeling a 100% better, it was his asthma acting up, but he’s a champJ. We have to decide on a color for our living room which is in need of a serious paint job. (We have no idea, if we want to go dark or light with the color choice)

Anywho, we will be watching football and basketball this weekend. And Mini-me has another game on Saturday!

Any weekend plans?

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  1. I see you have changed the blog design. It looks great! I also like your new profile pic, you are wearing my fav color! This weekend I will be taking pictures of my living room...I just finished painting it. It is suppose to be in the 70s here so I also maybe staining my fence.

  2. This weekend is suppose to be warm here in Georgia so I think I am going to get my camera out and get some pictures of the kids and relax. Happy Friday

  3. we have tons of soccer and basketball this weekend. I'm glad mini is feeling better. ER visits are always stressful. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Glad your son is feeling better. My husband has asthma, so I know how scary it can be at times.


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