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…Halloween is right around the corner. As a child I remember waiting at home until it was dark outside. I remember the joy of going to my neighbor’s home and saying “Trick or Treat” waiting to see what delicious treat I was going to get. It is sad to say the joy of going “Trick or Treating” has gone out the window as a parent. I remember saying to my sister one year “can I just buy some candy for the boys”? I know… don’t get me wrong as previously stated as a child I loved Halloween. The joy of dressing up was just was amazing to me. Usually every year I try to take my son trick or treating. If weather permits, we live in New England and it is usually cold on Halloween.
Which can be a good or bad thing…
Bad due to the fact you can barely see the children’s Halloween custom.
Good because my sons custom does not have to be above and beyond unless we are attending a Halloween party.
Now back to the purpose of this post, with Halloween this year on Monday this…

Will your family celebrate Halloween over the weekend or on Monday?

~Mrs. Delightful

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  1. I think over the weekend because my husband will be off that day, it seems like it will be less chaotic celebrating Saturday. There are also activities scheduled for Saturday that we have been invited to.

  2. Jonnique:

    I agree it will be less chaotic on Saturday.

    ~Mrs. Delightful


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