What I Learned Gardening This Year (So Far)

by - 7/19/2022 12:00:00 AM

Though it's still really early in the gardening season, I feel as if July is the peak season for gardeners in Connecticut. Typically in July, you're harvesting, and also working on our fall garden. I'm learning so much this year about gardening, and I feel as if I'm learning something new every day. This is the first year that I successfully started flowers from seed, and I'm really learning so much. Below, I'm sharing a few garden lessons I've learned so far.


I pruned my rose bushes for the first time this year (this was my second year with them) and boy did pruning late such a huge difference.


When I originally read that pinching was a practice that is done once zinnia, marigolds, and cosmos reach a certain height. Let's just say I didn't plan on going this route until I learned that you actually get way more plants by pinching instead of getting just one bloom with certain flowers. Plus, you can propagate a lot of the clippings which is a win, win situation.


I had no idea that you could propagate some flower and vegetable plants. I've been having a lot of fun with this option and learning so much throughout the process. I tried this option with a tomato and zinnia plant. The tomato plant I started

in water, and the zinnia plant was direct sowed from a pinching. To be honest, I tried the directed sow method with the zinnia clippings, and it looked as if the plants had died. I added seeds to the pot, and about two weeks later some plants emerged from the spots. Which took me by total surprise.

Green House

This was my first year having a greenhouse. I've learned so much about the importance of monitoring the temps, and airflow.

Tip: You can easily purchase flower seeds that are prepared so all you have to do is place the seed tape on the soil, cover the seed tape with soil, and water the area. When I purchased this seed tape, I originally never heard of this type of option, and honestly, it's so convenient. I had a variety of plants that I sowed this way. This is perfect if you want a more convenient option

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  1. I am not the best with gardening. I tend to accidentally kill plants. But I admire flowers!

  2. Such a pretty flower. I love the color and the shape.

  3. I do love gardening with my mother, that flower looks absolutely beautiful! I love it!

  4. I like how looking at this picture will likely draw a lot of different conclusions about what was learned. What a beautiful flower!

  5. This is a beautiful reminder of what it means to take a step back and enjoy nature. Glad you've been able to do so.

  6. Oh I love gardening, it makes me relax and just be myself. It's my stress reliever for a busy week day!

  7. The flower is so beautiful. I need to plant some flowers in my yard but the thought of digging up grass isn't fun. Plus, my back bothers me so I don't want to hurt it any more.

  8. I love to garden, this year I didn't get a chance to since we moved into our new home. But I will start with some potted veggies asap!

  9. Such a lovely flower! We can't wait to have a garden one day!

  10. It's a pretty flower. I miss having a garden.

  11. It is fun to see things flourish in the garden and what works when it comes to different strategies. Sounds like you had some great successes!


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