Must-Haves for Your Fur Baby This Year

by - 3/15/2022 12:00:00 PM

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Leo is just like his mama and loves trying new products. I always look forward to partnering with Babbleboxx, they always introduce my family to so many amazing new and exciting products. I love getting the opportunity to try new stuff and share them with you guys. Plus, I'm able to try some products that I've never heard of before. My most recent Babbleboxx was jam-packed with some amazing products for my fur baby Leo.


Pet Wants
Pet Wants Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon and Pet Wants Peanutty Cookie. I love that Pet Wants offers fresh dog food delivery Organic pet food, and FREE delivery. Pet Wants has really redefined fresh in the pet food industry offering Fresh dog food delivery and organic pet food.
One of Leo’s favorites is the Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon. Pet Wants salmon is wild-caught and is NOT farm-raised, and it’s from the Pacific Northwest. Plus, it’s Clean and nutrient-rich. It has only ONE Ingredients, which is Salmon. I love that it’s freeze-dried which means I don’t have to worry about refrigerating it, and it’s delivered in a resealable bag.

The Peanutty Cookie- is Housemade, and is made with only 5, human-grade, clean ingredients. They come in the cutest dog bone shape. I love that these cookies are the perfect size for Leo. These cookies are power-packed with health-rich protein, fiber, iron, boosting their energy and immune system and possibly helping any gastrointestinal issues some dogs can have from poor diets. These are also delivered in resealable bags and are perfect for travel!
Learn more about this amazing pet food company that has redefined what FRESH means in organic, clean pet food at

Multipet International
Multipet International offers a vast variety of toys to keep your dog engaged, active and excited during playtime, Which encourages movement, exercise, and mental stimulation for your fur baby. I love that their products are made for dogs that like to toss, fetch, cuddle or play gently. Leo loved his squeak toy and plush dog toy.

Multipet International is hosting a giveaway below, and you can learn more about them here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Leo tried Dinovite Meal Topper. Dinovite offers Freeze-Dried Raw Beef to increase the amount of protein for each meal for your fur baby. I was pleasantly surprised by how much Leo loved this topping on his food. Dinovite is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is easy to feed. All you have to do is simply sprinkle Freeze-dried raw food on top of their food!

Learn more about Dinovite here!

Use my code BOXX15 to save 15% off!

Code is valid for 15% off any Meal Booster flavor
● Code is valid for all three flavors of Meal Booster
● Code is valid from 2/1/22-3/31/22
● Code can only be used twice per customer

ACANA is premium dog food and offers Raw Nutrition Made Simple. Carefully is ACANA crafted from start to finish with ingredients that matter. I love that I’m able to give Leo the benefits and taste of raw nutrition, without any of the mess and cleanup that comes along with it. ACANA Freeze-Dried Food, comes in both morsels and patties, and is rich with 90% quality animal ingredients and infused with bone broth. ACANA Freeze-Dried Food can be fed as a meal, or as a topper which Leo loved.

Learn more about ACANA here!

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  1. I can see dogs loving this box! I need to see if there's one for cats.

  2. These sound like great treats for the dogs. I will make sure to tell my dog friends.

  3. I dont have a dog but I am sure many dog lovers will welcome this information.. I will share. Thanks!

  4. These sound like great treats for the dogs. My Zeus and Zero would loves these.

  5. Leo is adorable. I am sure he loved the goodies in the Babblebox. It sounds like they have loads of great items in there.

  6. I love finding new treats and toys for my dog! I spoil her and my husband just rolls his eyes at me.

  7. These are great, must-have treats for any fur baby! Sharing this to my in-law.

  8. Dinovite is a name I truly trust. So I knew exactly who you were talking about when you mentioned them. The giveaway is great also because most dogs do love toys!

  9. I have a little fur baby and I know how important are the toys to keep always engaged.

  10. Leo is so cute! I know my dogs would love everything in this box, especially the treats and food!

  11. We love our furry family members and of course spoiling them! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  12. I don't have a dog ( I do have pets though) I sure think its important to spoil our animals! The must haves are great for dog owners


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