8 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze this Year

by - 3/22/2022 12:00:00 AM

Spring is the perfect time to give your home and life a fresh new start. Below are eight easy ways to get spring cleaning done in no time.

1. Start with one room at a time

Create a list of rooms that you would like to tackle first, and tackle those rooms in order. You can also create a cleaning schedule for each room.

2. Make a plan

Make a spring cleaning plan, and stick to it. Your plan can include your cleaning schedule, things you need to complete, and even a reward system once each room is completed.

3. Clean as you go

You can easily clean as you go, it really takes a lot of pressure off the entire process.

4. Declutter and organize items

Declutter and organize each space, and make sure to create a plan to keep each space tidy.

5. Give away what you don't need

You can easily giveaway and donate the items you don't need.

6. Clean windows and mirrors

Create a schedule for cleaning your windows and mirrors.

7. Dust furniture, bookshelves, and knickknacks

You will feel so much better after this task is completed.

8. Vacuum carpets and rugs
It's very important to vacuum carpets and rugs, it really feels as if your carpets and rugs are new and/or simply refreshed after doing this.  
The Best Way To Celebrate the Coming of Spring is to tackle your spring cleaning tasks.

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  1. These are fantastic tips! I HATE spring cleaning, but I think with these tips, we can at least learn to coexist.

  2. I love your ideas. I need to start spring cleaning and get rid of stuff.

  3. These are great tips! We do things like this every spring. We also have a cleaning schedule weekly. Helps so much.

  4. I need to get started on my spring cleaning. These tips will help me.

  5. I'll have to save these tips because I need to do my spring cleaning soon!

  6. I love spring cleaning. And yes, I always give away or donate what I declutter.

  7. I love how your list is sectioned into manageable areas. This way you don't have to look at it and see one huge task.

  8. You have me motivated to get this done! I have all afternoon available, so spring cleaning, here we come!

  9. I think I should start with the kitchen. It's the room that I use more than others.

  10. I started on my spring cleaning last week, but I didn't have a good plan. I've put it aside, but hopefully I can get going again armed with your suggestions.

  11. Great and easy to do tips! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. These tips will actually help me, my only problem is letting go of some stuff.

  13. I need to catch up on spring cleaning. I like your strategies and it would help to make things go more quickly.


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