Must-Know Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

by - 11/10/2020 12:00:00 AM

It's officially November, and Black Friday is right around the corner. Though, this year is going to be really different depending on the store in which you visit. It's still very important to keep these tips in mind. Over the years, I've learned the importance of having a plan when shopping on Black Friday. From just knowing the layout of the store on Black Friday to having a parking strategy. Below, I'm sharing Must-Know Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

Must-Know Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

COVID Policy
Due to covid, and depending on your state. Your stores may have a limit on how many people can be in the store. Make sure you do your due diligence and create a plan. 

Price Matching Policy
A lot of stores do not price match on Black Friday. No there policy beforehand to save you time and money.

There are a ton of stores that have Black Friday sales, which stores do you plan on visiting online, and in-person? I’ve found it so helpful to create a list of the stores which I plan on visiting in person, and virtually, and what item I want from each store.

Back-Up Plan
The possibilities are endless but have a backup plan. If you're at a store and the item you're looking for is out of stock. What is your plan "B"? Know beforehand what stores are going to have what.

Know When the sales start
It’s important to know when the sale actually starts. I think so many people have the misconception that most sales start on Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. However, I’ve learned that all stores are different some stores have sales that start on Wednesday online, and I’ve even gone to stores at the outlet that opened at around 12 am, and whose doors didn’t open until 6 am on Black Friday. Search the website for the stores in which you plan on visiting to make sure that you have the correct information on hand

Shopping List
Know who you’re shopping for and what stores you would like to shop for that person. It’s so easy to see all of the sales and add everything into your cart. Creating a shopping list makes it so much easier to have a strategic plan.

Signup for their emails beforehand for your favorite stores. You'll be the first to know about sales and Earlybird opportunities.

I’m all for budgets, it’s so easy to overspend on Black Friday on items that you don’t even need or want. Create a budget for each person on your shopping list. If you’re purchasing items for yourself or Home. Create a budget for the store in which you plan on shopping.

Shop with a Friend
If you have a friend/family member that wants to go with you. Let them, the more the merrier. Help each other out. Split up and go to different stores. Have a plan!

As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. “ Of course nothing is glowing to be perfect. Stores will sell out of items, some stores might not even have the item in stock in which you’re looking for. I highly suggest purchasing the items that are on sale for the same price online. That you purchase the item online to avoid having to search around the stores looking for it.

Do you have any Black Friday Tips?

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  1. Black Friday sales is one of my go lists and I know it can be hard for all of us due to the pandemic. I am glad that the first tips that you mentioned is about Covid policy because it's really important. One of my tip is to enjoy your shopping.

  2. I completely forgot about black Friday! I can't wait to grab myself some deals.


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