Relaxing At-Home Rituals

by - 4/01/2020 12:00:00 AM

Like many, you are I’m spending a lot of time at home these last couple of weeks. It has allowed me to really fine-tune my at-home rituals. This has also allowed me to really use this time to indulge in self-care and to be selfish with myself and my time. Below I’m sharing some of the at-home rituals that I typically do on a daily basis.

At the start of the day, I really enjoy using my planner. It’s one of those things that just really allows me to look at my accomplishments look at my routines and see what I actually have going on. It also makes me feel really happy just to be on task with what is going on around my life. Instead of it being tedious, it has really turned into something that I look forward to doing each and every day.

Essential oils
I’m a huge fan of essential oils. If I don’t have my diffuser going I also like to use them in the shower as well as a couple of homemade sprays that I have. Essential oil just really brightens up my day, they add a relaxing component to my everyday routines.

Candles are another one of my favorites I typically burn them throughout the day and it just really is such a nice and relaxing atmosphere. Whether I’m lying in the bed cooking dinner or just using my planner. Lighting a candle just really does add this amazing ambiance to the mood as well as that moment and day.

My ritual is really just a little thing in life. From using my favorite scents in the shower like my favorite body washes, and foams to using my favorite perfumes and lotions. It really does add a nice touch to my day and plus I feel amazing after using some of my favorite products.

Do you have any at-home rituals?

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  1. I burn candles as well! I like a fresh smelling house. I haven't done the oils though.

  2. I use essential oils in my diffuser every day to help relieve stress and sometimes I use candles too.

  3. I have been doing the candles and the essential oils plus meditation. All has helped me in this difficult time.

  4. OH yes! I need some essential oils. I will use to relax a little bit!

  5. I always love it when the house smells good. That's why I never run out of scented candles. -LYNNDEE

  6. Candles and scents are my addiction. I need to switch to something less toxic like some essentials oils, but I love when my house smells great.

  7. I need to find a relaxing at home ritual for myself. We are always so on the go, that I don't know what it's like to relax

  8. I start my day with my planner too, I don't know how I'd function without it. I also like to get up early so I can have a quiet coffee in the morning before anyone else is up.

  9. I am a big fan of essential oils. My kids and I must spray a small amount of essential oils all over our bed sheets so we could sleep well.

  10. Oh like you I love scented candles and essential oils. It can help me a lot to relax all day.

  11. These all sound lovely and relaxing. I like to take a bath before bed, which helps me sleep. It is nice to have some relaxing rituals, especially as a busy mom.

  12. I have been working long hours (healthcare) and I need to follow some of these things to try to relax this weekend


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