50 Things You Can Throwaway Today!

by - 8/29/2019 12:00:00 AM

It's so easy to collect items every day that can truly add clutter to your home. I purchased my home over 10 years ago, and it's amazing how many items I have accumulated over that time. From receiving samples in the mail to holding on to items that are not bringing anything but clutter to my home. Below I'm sharing a list of items that you can get rid of today. Trust me, you don't need a collection of everything in your home.

Did I miss anything?

50 Things You Can Throwaway Today! 

  1. Dry cleaner hangers
  2. Wedding invites
  3. Party Invites
  4. Save the Dates
  5. Magnets
  6. Key chains
  7. Plastic Store hangers
  8. Cracked Mugs
  9. Cracked dinnerware
  10. Old Books (You no longer need)
  11. Old Magazines 
  12. Dried nail polish
  13. Nail polish colors you don’t like
  14. Gifts you don’t like
  15. Lanyards from past conferences 
  16. Unused notebooks
  17. Old school books
  18. Promotional tee shirts
  19. Promotional items
  20. Sample makeup
  21. Sample skincare
  22. Sample haircare
  23. Old stamps and labels from an address you no longer live at
  24. Expired canned goods
  25. Expired condiments
  26. Expired food
  27. Single buttons from items you've purchased 
  28. Old Makeup
  29. Old Haircare products
  30. Old skincare products 
  31. Mismatched Tupperware 
  32. Travel mugs that leak
  33. Old cell phones
  34. DVD’s
  35. CD’s 
  36. Educational CD programs (you no longer need)
  37. Business cards you’ve received (input them in your computer)
  38. Promotional documents
  39. Clothing too small
  40. Belts that no longer fit
  41. Earrings (that you only have one of)
  42. Uncomfortable footwear
  43. Stained clothing
  44. Clothing with holes (that can’t be repaired) 
  45. Bridesmaids dress 
  46. Formal dresses (you have no plans on wearing)
  47. Old Business Cards (from businesses you no longer operate)
  48. Broken jewelry
  49. Old shoes (that can’t be repaired)
  50. Program from past events

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  1. Thank you! There is SO MUCH I need to throw away. I am slowly doing this. I cleaned out the junk drawer, so that's progress.

  2. I know I have a box full of old nail polish. Thats going out today!! Thanks for the reminder

  3. Awesome suggestions! I do a big purge twice a year and always find it so satisfying. I also do my best to donate the items we no longer need.

  4. I just went on a digital purge today and it was amazing. Next is stuff like you have on your list.

  5. Some of these items in your list are definitely worth throwing out. For stained tshirts, I usually keep them because I can make them into rags. That will save me some cash instead of spending on paper towels.

  6. Throw away old towels and old sheets. Make into rags, but get rid of them!

  7. Ice Cream N Sticky FingersAugust 29, 2019 at 10:14 PM

    We moved at the end of June and I'm still trying to get my house organized. I downsized so finding a "home" for everything has been interesting since the storage options are limited in my home. Yesterday, I finally got around to rearranging the living room and at first my kids didn't understand why, but after it was done, they immediately noticed the amount of floor space we gained by moving things around. It was too cluttered looking and it was driving me nuts.

    I still have a few other things to organize but I'm slowly getting there.

  8. You have amazing suggestions! This is the best way to clean our house! Thanks for sharing

  9. Oh I need to check the kitchen. I am pretty sure there are some things that I can throw from there.

  10. I have been doing so much spring cleaning lately, and I love this list. Lots of great things I didn't think of, like checking our nail polish bin and going through other stuff. I have gotten rid of just about every book, CD, and DVD.

  11. This is a funny list only because I recognize a lot of things on it! These are some great ideas of things to get rid of.


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