8 Things on My Winter To-Do List

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It's officially Winter, and though this is one of my least favorite seasons. I'm really learning how to embrace the winter months. You would think since I'm a winter baby and I've lived in New England all of my life that I would pretty much have mastered embracing the cold. No, I'm still learning. I love what the snow does for the environment though. What I am learning is the best part about winter is spring comes shortly thereafter, and I love everything about spring. My last bucket list/ to-do list post. I mentioned that I'm going to work on creating due dates for each item on my list.

8 Things on My Winter To-Do List

Winter Photoshoot
I would really love a cute snow photo. I always see so many gorgeous snow photos on Instagram, and I honestly don't think that I personally own one. My goal would be to take a photo that looks magical and dreamy.

This is always on my list. I love vacations, and I love exploring new places. I don't have any places on my agenda. However, I'm open to taking any last-minute trips.

I can't wait to make cinnamon rolls. For some reason, I've been craving them lately. Of course, I plan on making a healthier alternative. However, I would love for them to look and taste like the ones I'm mentally envisioning. You know, fluffy, gooey with the frosting just dripping off.

I haven't used my silhouette machine in over a year. I typically use it around the holidays. I'm noticing that I'm struggling with really creating time for myself. I have to do better.

You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind” as a child I didn't enjoy reading. However, after completing my bachelors and masters degree. Reading was something that I really grew to love. I remember the days where I would finish a good book in an afternoon. I have to get back in the habit of reading often.

This may sound so simple. However, I would love to enjoy a winter-inspired drink at a coffee shop or my local Starbucks. It would be so nice to really just be "in the moment".

I think I have enough fun stuff on my list, I have to get better at organizing my space. Though I love Christmas. It was so nice to have my space back from all of our Christmas decor. Our home is under 1000sq and it requires a lot of creativity when it comes to organizing. I've read a few books in the past that were really helpful. I just have to organize my space to its full potential. Plus, life is so much better when you know where everything is at.

Winter Brunch
I'm a huge fan of brunches. I would love to attend a brunch and really just be in the moment. Try something that I typically wouldn't have, and just enjoy my own company.

Do you have a winter “To-Do List”?

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  1. Now this sounds like a list I would make and want to do. Actually everything you listed is perfect. Hope you get everything done and enjoy.

  2. What a fun list! I'd like to do a lot of these too. I wish we could go on vacation, but we're doing that in the summer. I will be reading for sure.

  3. No that sounds like a great winter list! I'm the same as you I was looking for a vacation just because I really like to explore everything. This coming summer we have something planned between now and then I would love to go someplace.

  4. I'm with you on baking, crafting, reading and vacationing. And as for the others, I'd love to try them as well this winter. This is going to be my year for trying new things.

  5. I have been doing the organize thing for the new year too. So far, I am doing great, I keep amazing myself by how much I am getting done. So excited to tackle these other things as well.

  6. I love reading but I feel like I have fallen off the reading wagon lately. I need to start reading for fun again.

  7. I love your winter to-do list! I am all about going on a vacation this time of year. Winter is long and cold, so breaking up that by getting out of town sounds amazing! I am also a big time crafter and reader.

  8. Likewise! I've never been a winter fan, and I can't wait for winter to come. Baking, crafting and organizing are on my list too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I would like o have a winter photoshoot with my family. I love creating memories. I also love your to do list during winter.

  10. Those are on my list too except photoshoot, it would be nice though. I'd like to go on vacation during winter and go to a warmer place.

  11. The main thing on mine is to declutter and organise!! I so need to get our house in order and sort out my life!

  12. I am not a fun of a long winter but I don't mind going to a place that is snowing for a day so I can experience it. My top list is vacation or staying home and read books.

  13. Organizing is also on my list. I'm in Texas, so the weather hasn't gotten really cold here yet. But as soon as it does and I'm driven inside, my closets and cupboards are getting a makeover!

  14. Except the winter photoshoot, I can also try all the things you mentioned in the post. Yes it will fun to do it.


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