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This post is sponsored by Vanguard but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As my children are getting older. It's so important for me to maximize our weekends together. My daughter spent this past weekend with her Rugby team in DC. She periodically comes home for the weekends. Thankfully she goes to school within driving distance fur us. Which is bittersweet because I miss her being a couple of minutes away versus hours away. I'm quickly learning as my children get older that it's so hard to get us all together. I wanted this weekend to be different though, I challenged myself to see how far $160 really goes as a family especially with a teen. My goals were to spend time with our son as well as spend some alone time by myself (yes, us mamas have to be selfish ) Whether it was reading a book or going out for ice cream. I also, of course, wanted to spend time with my husband.

With the weekends being super busy for us. I was up for the challenge. Friday night we decided to watch football and just enjoy each others company. This was one of the first Fridays that our son did not have a JV football game.
Saturday we ventured off to my sons JV game. This game was an away game, and it was really exciting because he played against my old high school. How cool is that?! Which made the game even more exciting was watching my baby boy play JV football as a sophomore. One of the little life moments that I don't take for granted, especially as he's getting older. What was also amazing about this day, is that it was supposed to rain all day. Thankfully, the weather was perfect. Once he arrived back to our town, we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate his amazing game and to finally take him to one of the restaurants that we knew he would love. We had such an amazing time at dinner. We laughed and joked around so much. It was so nice to just be in the moment.
Sunday was plenty of ice cream and thoughts about visiting our local museum, and of course Sunday night football. You should have seen the smile on my sons face when his beverage was brought out or just to hear him give us a recap of his game from his point of view. This weekend really showed me the importance of investing in experiences.

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This post is sponsored by Vanguard, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
This illustration uses 1.69% average yield for money market mutual funds and 0.09% national average yield for bank savings, both as of 9/30/2018, according to cranedata.com and bankrate.com. These rates are not guaranteed.
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  1. It's important to make sure one's money is invested wisely. And it's always essential to ensure that a financial advisor has your best interests at heart.

  2. Yes, all amounts really do add up quick. Doesn't matter how big or small the amounts are.

  3. Investing in experiences is so important. But you can't do anything without money. That's why is out duty to find always the best option for our money.

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  5. It can really add up but, if you budget for it, it makes it easier I think. I always like spending my money on experiences rather than things.

  6. All of the cliche statements about kids growing up so fast are true! It's important to make as many memories together as you can. Finding ways to stretch your dollar certainly help make more fun happen.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your kids. They grow up so fast so we should spend time with them and make happy memories as much as we can.

  8. Sounds like such a fun and awesome weekend! Loved reading about all the memories you made!

  9. IT doesn't sound like a lot but it does when it all adds up. I would love to be handed $160!

  10. I totally understand how important it is to spend time with your family as much as possible, even though sometimes it can be pricey. That drink looks amazing though...


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