10 Ways to Save

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I’m often asked ways that I save and as you guys know. Today I'm sharing my tips and tricks with you.

10 Ways to Save

Game Night At Home
Host a Game night instead for going out. You can easily borrow games from friends and family or sell the games that you currently have and are no longer using to purchase new ones.

Used Books
Get Books from Your Local Library or Have share/swap groups with friends/ family. If you have to purchase, purchase used. I’ve found a ton of books at the thrift/consignment shop.

Cancel Memberships
Workout at home instead of going to the gym (YouTube has a ton of workout videos as well as your local library)

Use cash-back apps when purchasing items
 (My Favorites are Top Cash Back and, eBates)
I always use cashback apps when purchasing online and instore. The cashback amount changes daily and they usually offer cashback with almost every store.

Use rebates when they’re offered. For instance, for the last couple of years, Bear paint offers rebates Memorial weekend at Homedepot. If I typically need to touch up paint around that time of year for our home. I’ll purchase the paint when they have the rebate offer and save money.

Purchase on Sale 
Most stores have the same sales each. When menu planning. I prefer to menu plan for the month. It gives me a pretty clear view and opportunity to buy the items that I need when they’re on sale.

Do your research it’s so important to do your research. I always do a quick google search prior to making a purchase. For instance, for Father’s Day, my Dad wanted a specific hat. I did a quick Google search and found that same hat on Amazon cheaper buy almost $20.

Sign up for Newsletters 
If you follow me on social media I gave this tip on my social media pages. Sign up for all of your favorite store's newsletter. The Mister wanted something specific for his Father’s Day gift. I wasn’t signed up with the store that I purchased the item from. I signed up with their newsletter and saved over $20 with my first purchase. I was going to make the purchase regardless.

Credit Card Cash Back
(I’m all for using credit cards if you use them responsibly and pay off the entire balance immediately or when the bill arrives. If you struggle in this area skip this option. ) As I prior mentioned the gift I purchased for the Mister also had a cashback offer with my credit card company. I believe I saved $30. I also received points for the purchase as well. These offers change all of the time with credit card companies. Prior to going out shopping or out for dinner. I always check to see what current offers they have.

Quality over Quantity 
Last year I switched antiperspirants. Honestly, it took me forever to make the change. I even did a review on this product on my YouTube channel and also wrote a blog post about it here. This deodorant was three times the cost of the deodorant that I was currently using and honestly, I believe that I’m actually saving more in the long run and the environment at the same time. Because I don’t have to reapply my deodorant throughout the day. I Apple it once. Of course, this changes during the warmer months when I take more showers throughout the day. However, sometimes we think because the upfront cost is pricey that we’re not saving when we’re actually saving in the long run.

Do you have any money saving tips?

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  1. I love the book swap idea. We do take books out of the library sometimes, but I think sharing with friends and family is a great idea.

  2. I try to set aside time every few months and look at ways I can save money. I love reading magazines . to stay in the loop and I recently downloaded a paid app to get all my magazines in one place. It saves time and money by canceling all those subscriptions.

  3. Saving money is so important and there is always someways we can make a difference. Eating at home is a big money saver. Grown our own food, only buy clothes on sale. Love all your suggestions.

  4. Yes! Cancel memberships! It's easy to forget when they renew and fall under the radar. I was just thinking that we needed to cancel one of our subscriptions because we haven't watched shows on it in a few weeks!

  5. Canceling memberships would save us a ton of money. Bob is pretty good at going though, so I guess it isn't a waste.

  6. I have been trying to save money for ages and these tips will help us accomplish our Goals.

  7. Yup, I do a lot of these! Saving money is one of my favorite things to do. I get a thrill when I save a bunch. I went grocery shopping and saved $24!

  8. These are some great ideas, I have to admit I have subs running for things I've not logged into for months you know just in case I need it again which is silly.

  9. We switch dover to cash back cards with rewards on things we use. It's been helpful for sure.

  10. I have to start using those Cash Back apps. I know my friend uses one for her groceries and she really likes it!

  11. These are great tips! I love to look for ways to save money. I also use groupon, coupons and ibotta!

  12. Great tips! Totally agree with them especially Quality over Quantity. Coupons and discounts can help you save some cash too.

  13. I just purged a ton of memberships that I wasn't really using. I'm also a big fan of borrowing books. I use Overdrive through my library to borrow ebooks.

  14. These are all great. I love finding new ways to save money.

  15. These are really good tips. It is so important for me to save money. I will try some of these!

  16. After my husband lost his job we had to make some major changes. The one thing that I rediscovered is the local library. We attend free programs, borrow the latest books, and even borrow movies. Saves me a lot of money by not purchasing books.

  17. These are definitely some great ways to save! Whenever I see items go on sale, I stock up on them! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I am far from frugal but I'm sure we could cut costs with these tips!


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