Blogger Holiday Gift Guide

by - 12/05/2015 08:51:00 AM

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  1. DSLR-To capture those epic blogger moments + blog images. 
  2. IPad Mini- Ipads + blogging just goes together. You can blog from your IPad and stay current with all of your favorite social media outlets. To me, it's the perfect gift for bloggers. 
  3. Notebook-Having a notebook is an essential tool for a Blogger. Why not assist your favorite blogger with the perfect tool to write down all of those cool ideas.
  4. Starbucks gift cardTo get your favorite Blogger through creating their monthly content calendar
  5. Blog Content Calendar- To brainstorm/ all of your awesome content ideas
  6. Amazon Gift card-Because Amazon sells everything under the sun a blogger might need

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Memory Card- Backup cards are the gift that keeps on giving in the blogger world. 

Blogher16 ticket- It's one of the coolest expenses ever. Plus, you get to meet up with your favorite blogger besties.

Amazon Prime membership-Becuase two-day free shipping is amazing. It's the gift that keeps on giving

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  1. great list :) this reminds me I need to work on my editorial calendar lol


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