My First Silhouette Cameo Project

by - 11/11/2015 05:04:00 PM

As you guys know I am the Queen of DIY in my head. LOL. No, seriously. I really truly enjoy DIY projects. I still do them. However, they just don't make it to the Blog all most of the time. I have been considering purchasing a cut machine better known as a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo since I became a Blogger years ago. These machines are pricey. I'm not sure why I never purchased a machine (I guess out of sight, out of mind) Anywho, I decided to purchase a machine a couple of weeks ago and it just came in the mail yesterday. Ummm, you guys know I was stalking the mail. (I was actually hoping the machine was going to arrive last week.) 

When my new baby arrived yesterday. I had a bit of work that needed to be done first before I could play with her... Let's just say that I was up all night trying to figure things out once I could. I even cut my mat due to the image not being placed right on my screen. After many trials and errors. I decided not to give up and I finally have a successful project to share with you guys. I purchased this mug at my local Thrift Store. I believe mix match 5 for $1. I actually love how it came out, and I look forward to actually creating my own images. 

Anywho, if you have any tips, suggestions, links please share them below. I don't want this machine to collect dust. 

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