Homemade French Toast with Leftover French Bread

by - 7/30/2015 12:00:00 PM

If you follow me on SnapChat this picture probably looks familiar. I purchased a loaf of French Bread from Walmart for the Mister's Birthday dinner ( to make garlic bread with). I pretty much know that if I don't use this bread up it would have gone to waste. For some reason I usually make French toast with regular sliced bread and never even considered using French bread. Let me just say that this treat was simply delicious. I'm a bread person so I love the texture of this bread. I opted to dust the toast with some confectioner sugar, and drizzled the syrup, just to add the restaurant touch. 

Side note: Also, I have been searching for some affordable dishes. You know, to take cute pictures with. I found these bad boys at the Dollar Tree. Since Home Goods usually sales plates starting at $5 each. I thought I did pretty good with this find. I'm actually waiting to see if I could find a white square plate set on sale at one of my favorite stores. 

I used Martha's recipe HERE

Anywho, have you tried and new recipes lately? 

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