Spring Break! What Did You Do?

by - 4/23/2015 09:07:00 AM

 So my mini me is on spring break this week. I’ve learned that preparing for this week makes for some pretty awesome stories to remember. Seeing how this is the second year in a row that we did not go on vacation during this week. I decided to create schedule for a few low cost things that we can do to have a great time. Seeing how I know my son like that back hand. I know he really expects to do something every day. What kid would want to stay in the house? Especially after the super cold winter we had this year.

So here’s what I did this time around. I created a list of places we can visit based on the specials that were going on this week. I didn’t create anything fancy. I created a list Monday-Friday. Looked up the weather and then looked up deals. For instance, our local movie theaters have $5.00 movies all day on Tuesday’s. So guess where we were on Tuesday? Yup, the movies, I also research Groupon and other similar sites. My son has requested to go to the mall. Seeing how a trip to the mall for him means more than just going to the mall…

I really wanted to bring him to New York this week. However, I’m trying to stay firm with my budget. (That’s one of the reason I checked the weather. I also, checked the weather to see what would be the perfect day this week to go out for ice cream. Seeing how it rained all day Monday and partial showers on Tuesday. Anywho, who did you do with your children during spring break. Any great tips?

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