My Veggie Garden Plans

by - 4/03/2015 09:08:00 AM

 I'm so excited about my garden this year. This past year my garden produced a lot of fresh veggies. 

This past week. I stopped at my local Homedepot and noticed that they were having a huge sale on potting and garden soil. In the past years that was a huge problem of mine running out of dirt. Dirts not cheap and these bad boys were on sale for under $3.00. 

The bags of soil were still frozen together thus me not being able to purchase any that day. A nice gentleman at the store told me to come back later in the week. 

Me being me, I knew that their was a huge chance that I would miss out on this great bargain. 

Well while running arrands on Friday. I decided to stop by the same Home Depot and to my surprise. Just like the gentleman stated earlier in the week, there would be plenty left.  

I was also really excited because I had no idea that the soil was miracle grow brand and it was organic soil as well for under $3 for that size bag. I wanted to purchase at least ten. I spoke to the mister earlier in the week and I told him that I would get 4 or 6 bags. ( He Wasn't having me coming home with ten bags )

In the past I found soil on clearance at target the season prior and was able to store it in my garage and I still had to purchase more...

So I'm excited about the option to plant more veggies. It feels as if I'm in the store several times a week purchasing my staple items (peppers, tomatoes, onions, avocados) and I'm so over it. I love just being able to go in my back yard and grab whatever I need. 

I even have the mister excited about the garden this year. 

I plan on planting:
Green beans (new)
Potatoes (new) 
Cucumbers ( new) 
Spinach (new) 
Lettuce (not new but never grows) 

I also plain on trying miracle grow pods. I've heard rave reviews about this product. 

I do plain on purchasing plants as well and attempting again to  plant my own seeds. 

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