Homemade Glazed Donuts

by - 3/04/2015 05:37:00 AM

I've always wanted to make homemade donuts. However, the lazy girl in me never decided to give it a try until last weekend. I had everything on hand except for unsalted butter (and a donut cutter) and I was super excited. The only problem was that I forgot the dough had to rest for several hours in my case overnight. 

( I did not have a donut cutter, so I used a mug and a piping bag tip)

The next morning I was super excited to get started and trying out the donuts. I was even more excited that the donuts actually raised a little in my drafty house. 

I decided to not do a step by step picture post seeing how the recipe I used included all of this awesomeness here.

I was super excited about how fluffy the donuts came out and trust me I ate a good amount too. I plain on trying the copycat Krisy Kreme recipe soon. 

Anywho, have you tried any new recipes lately? 

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  2. Tasheena I tried your recipe tonight and wow. This was the most soft and fluffy donuts I’ve ever made. 10 times better than any donut shop I’ve been to. I used bread flour instead of all purpose and my mind was blown away with the results. 2 thumbs up.


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