Menu Plan Monday-Week of 8/4

by - 8/04/2014 06:16:00 PM

Happy Monday!

Since I'm primarily cooking for myself. It's really hard not to cook in large portions, when I'm so use to it. So, I usually have a good amount of leftovers. I try eating them for lunch, which usually doesn't happen because I'm on the go or in my zone working. So, I plan on cutting down my portion sizes as much as I can when cooking. I'm also very excited because I have fresh organic veggies coming in. YAY. I will defiantly keep you guys updated...

Anywho… what’s on your menu this week?

Monday: Open Sandwich ( I have some fresh cherry tomatoes that I can't wait to use)

Tuesday:  Veggie Gyro 

Wednesday: Spaghetti with sausage 

Thursday: Baked Cheese Ravioli's

Friday: Veggie Patti 

Saturday: Sausage (semi vegan) Grinder 

Sunday: Vegetarian Chimichangas

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