Strawberry Syrup #Recipe

by - 5/27/2014 06:30:00 AM

Hey everyone!!

So if you follow me on Instagram you saw my post/mini video clip on making homemade syrup. I was having a craving on Friday for homemade pancakes and when I went looking for syrup we were all out. Of course I wasn't running to the store, so I decided not to make it. I'm really not sure how I came to the conclusion to make strawberry syrup but it happened. I did a quick Google search and went with the first recipe. I decided to make half of the recipe to give it a try first and the recipe came out simply amazing and super easy to make. I used everything that we had on hand. I opted to go with frozen strawberry's (again, since we had it on hand) I think I'm done with the store brought syrup for now.
I decided to store the syrup in a mason jar which was the perfect size. 


Do you like flavored syrup? 

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  1. Sounds delicis! Imma have to start following you on instagram!!


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