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by - 5/23/2014 02:14:00 PM

So I finally started my container garden. YAY!! Well I'm saying finally because I originally wanted to start my garden in mid-April however the weather would not permit. I decided to go with plants due to being too lazy to start with seeds... This is actually my forth year having a garden and I was really pleased with my results from last year. So I decide to goto the same nursery I purchased my plants from last year. SN/Rant: I'm starting to wish I purchased larger container in the fall when they were all on sale. I actually saw someone throwing some large clay pots away last year and I was too chicken to grab them :(. When I went back the next day they were gone.
 Anywho, I decided to plant the items below

2 big boy tomato plants
2 cherry tomato plants 
5 Roman lettuce plants 
6 green pepper plants ( I still have to plant two) 
2 scotch bonnet pepper plants
1 red hot cherry pepper plant ( this was a mistake, lol) 

I am in LOVE with fresh produce from my garden...It's just not the same as the items I've purchased in a store. Also, since becoming a vegetarian. All I eat is veggies :).   

Do you have a garden? Do you plan on planting a garden? Any tips? 

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