Spring Rolls for Spring

by - 4/30/2014 06:34:00 AM

After searching for rice paper wraps which feels like forever. I finally did a Google search and found that Whole Foods sold them. While in route home from a meeting with a client, I decided to check and see if the nearest Whole Foods had them in stock.  I do not have a Whole Foods in my town, so it’s a treat when I do go. Plus, people have raved about how gorgeous this particular location was…

Yes; of course they had the rice paper in stockJ. So me being the foodie that I am, I could not wait to try the spring wraps (I never tried them before)… After making about 10-15 for the mister and me I finally got the hang of it. They are pretty tasty!! I have a bunch of rice paper wrappers leftover. So I do plan on trying different recipes in the future.

Have you tried Spring Rolls? Do you like them?

PS: I kept my recipe pretty basic. I only used the items below

Rice paper wraps
Red peppers

Recipe via HERE

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