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So my childhood BFF took me out for sushi for my birthday earlier this month. Now, we’ve planned so many dinner dates that just never happened. Now, as many of you know I’m a newbie vegetarian. However, I love sushi California rolls. My sister is a huge fan of Groupon and was telling me how great it would be to give it a try for affordable date nights for the Mister and I. Also, it’s a great opportunity to try different restaurants.

 Fast-forward to girl’s night with my BFF.  Now me being me, prior to leaving for our dinner I asked her what sushi place she had in mind in hopes they would have a coupon on Groupon. They didn’t, however my sister recommended a place earlier in the week for the Mister and I to try out (the Mister doesn’t care for sushi). To my surprise they still had a Groupon available. This was my second time using Groupon and I was simply surprised how easy it was to use it at a restaurant...

Now on to the sushi, I must say, there’s a huge difference in quality depending on the restaurant. I’ve purchased sushi platters from Bj’s in the past, and I’ve also had it at our local Chinese buffets I’m just being honest, don't laugh at me. This was by far the best sushi I ever had. I do plan on going to this restaurant again, and trying varies other sushi restaurants in my state. The only downside is now I don’t want store brought sushi anymore (it just doesn’t taste the same).

I’ve tried for the past two weeks to make sushi from home without Nori (seaweed). (Which I'll do a post once I master it) However, I finally found Nori at my local Walmart.  Which I'm excited to try. Also, my sister stated that she try tried this restaurant as well (she's my sushi guru) and she loved this restaurant.
****All opinions are of my own. I was not paid or given anything to write this post. However, if anyone is interested in sponsor post, please contact me.****
Do you like sushi? Have you tried Groupon?

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