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Okay, so yes you heard me right. I wanted to participate for the longest with “Syle me Friday” I’m happy to announce that today is the day, LOL. You can participate too here. For some reason today, I thought it would be great to do a Youtube video. While reading one of my favorite blogs, I noticed on her sidebar under "Blog Love" this week’s “Style me Friday” post. I was so determined about participating that I threw a look together. No seriously, this look took me less than five minutes to do. I know personally for me, if I would have waited to put a look together that this post would not have happened. I feel that sometimes I am my biggest critic. I decided to go with the flow. I did not have anyone to take the picture for me so I used an app and propped my phone on my car. (Determined)

Also, looking fabulous does not have to break the bank! I'm all for frugal shopping!! For example, this look cost me less than $25.00 bucks (for the entire outfit)


Price Breakdown

Glasses Free (Blogher Swag)

Top $1.00 (Thrifted)

Jacket $ 5.00 (under $5.00, I can’t remember the price) (Thrifted)

Pants $ 2.00 (Thrifted)

Shoes –ALDO-$ 10.00 (under $10.00, I can’t remember the price) (Thrifted)

I will periodically post looks as inspiration to other women. I’m not a stylist nor do I follow trends… I just where what I want, how I want, when I want!

So I learned so much from this first take, it was so windy outside, and for some reason my pictures look weird to me. (oh well) 
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  1. I have been dying to find a pair of leather pants. I found some at the thrift store but of course they weren't my size. You look great!


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