Affordable Internet?

by - 11/13/2013 06:45:00 AM

Is there a such thing as affordable internet? I am at my wits end with this whole cable thing, However, I feel that we do utilize our internet service. The boy’s love cable *sigh* I barely ever watch TV. Did I mention that we also have Netflix as well *sigh*.  So I wanted to hear from my readers… is there a such thing as affordable internet? I guess I would have to give my definition to you of what affordable internet is? Pretty much a service that does not go up every couple of months like most cable companies…If you know of any national companies or any great tips or tricks with internet companies please share below in the comment box.

Do you have cable? Can you live without cable?

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  1. I have had comcast for years and besides the initial promotional, I have paid the same thing for years. I have also learned that you can always call them to see if they have a promotion going on to lower your bill and sometimes they will lower it due to you being a loyal customer.

  2. In our area we are limited to what internet companies we can for now we are using Comcast and still paying less than cable - that includes on our Netflix & Hulu subs. As you know I love our Roku player and would never go back to cable. Check with your local phone company and see if they have a good deal on internet service.

  3. I can reach out to my local contacts to let you know about the internet prices. Please feel free to contact us at

  4. I have been trying to convince my family that we don't need cable but they disagree. I went a whole year watching t.v. only twice. I watch hulu and dramafever and also have netflix. I called cable company about two weeks ago and renegotiated fees with them b/c I'd been with them for three years and no discount. They reduced the bill by $20.00 but I sure would like to drop it all together. Maybe once the kids are gone.


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