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by - 9/24/2013 06:24:00 AM


So in my state from Spring-Early Fall we usually see an abundance of tag sales. I am a little sadden by the fact that I was unable to stop at most of the ones of I drove by (shopaholic?) However, I did find these cute little trinkets above. Of course the color choice was not on my color palette. However, that's nothing a little bit of spray paint couldn't handle. Right? I used the spray paint I had on hand. I was not running to the store for some.
Once I arrived home, I prepped the items before spray painting them, and then after two coats of paint, these beauties were ready for their debut… I now use these beauties to hold items on my desk in my office, paper clips etc. I still have to get a flower for the vase. I believe I paid under a $1.00 for everything!!
Any tag sale finds? 
(I used a garden stick to spray paint the vase)

(Finished product)

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  1. I'm always so inspired when I check your blog out. Inspired...and jealous...cuz I know if I tried the things you tried, it would come out lookin a HOT MESS!!! lol. But this one...just spray painting? I think....THINK...I could handle it!!


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