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by - 5/10/2013 06:02:00 PM

 Hey Guys!

It feels like it has been so long since I did a DIY or Recipe post. No worries! I have been taking plenty of pictures… Any who, I wanted to finally share with you guys the website for my nonprofit. I am truly thankful for the continued support with ODH... Without further a due, please find below information about our new website launch.

Good Afternoon:
Brighter Within, Inc. is delighted to announce the launch of our fantastic new website. –
Which we hope you will find our new site easy to use, and very informative.
The site features a fresh look, easy navigation and more focus on what our community needs are.
The website will be updated on a regular basis;we hope you will take a moment to join our mailing list. The first issue of our newsletter will be released this fall; please continue to visit our website for the latest updates.
We invite you to visit the new today.

Thank You For Stopping By!

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  1. Love organizations and thank you for following me on Kokoa anytime you are ready would love to have you in one of our issues I have a section for organizations. Just let me know and congrats.

  2. Awesome! I work as a volunteer/mentor with an organization yours here in Atlanta. I know how much work goes into these programs and I am so proud of you. Please let me know if you need help with anything that can be done remotely or when you are ready to expand to Atlanta. I'm on board. Our boys and girls really need us.

  3. This is so awesome!!! Congratulations hunni!!! My best friend and I were never able to launch our non-profit since she moved but I'm thinking about revising and scaling it down to a level I can work with by myself. I'm inspired!

  4. The website looks great! It's organized, and I like that all the necessary information can be found while browsing. I also like how you displayed all the social media platforms that you can be found in, which I think will make it easier for you to reach out and for others to share information about your organization. Great job and I wish you the best on your non-profit work.


  5. I checked out the new site and I must say, it really looks great! I like how the content is very interesting and engaging. However, I think you can still improve on parts of the layout. For example, you can make the tab buttons larger, so that the online readers can have easier access to the other pages of the site.

    Eloise Pittman @ Viper Online

  6. Very impressive website, I am really impressed. The good thing is that it is so easy to browse and everything has been done in a logical way. Social media is definitely the key when you are a non-profit organisation and I'm certain that this is going to be highly successful. The internet is such a useful way of reaching out.

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

  7. I am definitely looking forward to following the new website. For me personally, it is so inspiring to see the amazing work being done by organizations like Brighter Within, Inc. I work with youth in Baltimore, and seeing the good things your organization does gives me hope that collectively, we are making the world a better place for our youth.

    Jane Osborne @ Customer Finder Marketing


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