Does Your Family & Friends know about Your Blog?

by - 5/23/2013 07:27:00 AM

I’m not sure if I asked this question before, but I’m going to ask it again, does your family and friends know about your blog? I have been blogging for almost two years now, and my family and friends have no idea that I am a blogger… To be honest, at the beginning, I really did not want my family & friends to be the only ones visiting my blog (does that make any sense?) Now I’m finding more and more bloggers around my area. I mean, really close to me, and I still haven’t mentioned being a blogger **sigh**. By no means am I not proud of my blog, I actually love being a blogger, and all of the wonderful people I have met through blogging (you guys are awesome!)

Any who, does your family and friends know that you are a blogger?

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  1. Most of my family and friends know about my blog. I started my blog to share with them my families lastest happenings and my projects. I live so far away from home that my blog is the best way to share.

  2. My family close to me {handful} knows and are followers, but they do not read it.. think they just signed up to give me a push in the beginning. My friends are all bloggers, whom I met through my blog and not a single one lives in my country.

  3. My close family and friends know about my blog. I hope you will stop by for a visit too.


  4. You are a closet blogger! lol. I have a family blog and most of my family knows about that blog. We use that to keep in touch with our family that lives in other states. However, I am not sure many people read it. Maybe on special occasions, but not on a regular basis.

    My family does not know about my craft blog. It's not that I am hiding. I am more waiting for it to grow a little before I share it. Plus, i justdon't really think my family gets the whole blogging thing. It's just not their thing I guess. That is why I have a blogging only family. lol. :)

    Visiting again,
    Sarah@ Naptime Nothings

  5. I don't have any family left to really check blogs the ones I have are older late 50s and they can barely check email so I have no worries on the family front. My good friends know about my blog and I am okay with that.


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