Happy Friday!

by - 12/14/2012 08:26:00 AM

Happy Friday!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I am feeling almost 100% better. I really cannot believe that we have less than two weeks until Christmas. We are hosting dinner at our home this year, and I think our house is about half way ready, LOL (just being honest) we just have so much stuff, for such a small space. I may go to home depot this weekend and purchase two more shelves; my goal is to purchase 6-10 in total we currently have three shelves. I know that may seem over board but it would be nice to have a shelf for the different items in our home i.e. clothing, gardening etc.
Any who, Our Silent Auction went great, (I have to remember to post pictures) I made mostly all of the appetizers, and I also made these adorable semi homemade cupcakes. The cake batter was from the box, and the frosting was homemade. I received raved reviews on everything that I made.

 As always, we will be watching football, and basketball this weekend. And Mini-me starts basketball this weekend!

Any weekend plans?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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