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by - 9/26/2012 07:30:00 AM

Hello Everyone!

I feel like I have been truly MIA from the blogger world. I have been working on a Silent Auction fundraiser for my nonprofit organization. I miss you guys so much, and I am so grateful for your continued support. I will give more details about my non profit really soon.

Hartford, CT—The Brighter Within, Inc. will hold their first annual silent auction on December 8, 2012.  All proceeds from the auction will be donated to their teen support groups for disadvantaged youth in the Hartford County.

The organization is currently soliciting donations for auction items.  If you would like to contribute or attend the auction or make a tax deductible donation, please contact Tasheena Johnson at Phone: (860) 580-9511, or Mail: P. O. Box 32, Hartford, CT 06141.



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  1. That's so wonderful! I started working on my non-profit and then I just was doing too many things at once. It is still on my future goal list and hearing about your event truly inspires me! Fab!


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