The Newest Member To Our Family!

by - 9/29/2012 10:40:00 AM

Happy Saturday Everyone! Yesterday we brought home our fur baby, YAY! Okay, so now I’m going to give you a little background story on my family getting a dog. My husband has been throwing around the idea of us getting a dog, and I would look at him like he was crazy. I made up every excuse in the book for us not getting a dog. You see, we had two larger dogs a couple of years ago. However, our home is really small, and the larger dogs required a lot. It got to the point that, my husband was the only one that was able to walk them (Due to them not being properly trained). Which was truly unfair to my husband and them, fast forward to this year, one of my husband’s friends, has the most adorable little toy dog. For some reason or another, seeing pictures of him really made me want a dog. So for about a month now, I have been searching for a dog.

I really wanted to adopt a dog from one of our local dog shelters but those dogs really go fast. So my husband shared with a mutual friend that we were looking for a small dog, and she suggested that we look on craigslist? I was really hesitant about Craigslist just for the bad rap that it sometimes gets. Plus I actually never purchased anything from there before, and was scared out of my mind, any who I noticed yesterday that a local shelter had this adorable small dog, that I was adamant about getting this upcoming Tuesday, the only problem was that location was about 45 minutes away from our house, and I would have to be the first person their on Tuesday in order to get this dog. (No pre-application)

 My husband was really supportive of me trying to get this dog. I explained to him my plans, and he suggested that I continue to look on craigslist in the meantime. I did, and I found this adorable posting for a Chihuahua /Poodle mix “Chipoo” however, there was a re-homing fee (which varies).  I texted the owner immediately and she responded immediately.  I just was not sure, if I wanted to go forth with the process. My husband and I briefly talked about it, did a little negotiating with the seller, and I thought the dog was mines. The only problem was that I had to wait for six hours to actually get the dog, of course the “what if’s” started to come to mind.  The main one was “What if she does not call me, when she said she would” (she did) But I am happy to say that we brought home Teddy! He was super shy at first. I had to run to Target to pick him up a couple of things, and when I returned. It was like he was truly home. We cannot get enough of him!
(Teddy 7 mos old)
Do you own any pets?

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  1. Oh, you will enjoy him! He is adorable!!! I can not imagine our lives without our furry kids - we have 4 boys (3 Maltese poodles, Teddy, the two brothers Freddy and Jason and 1 Jack Russell, Rex), and one girl - a Chorkie named Chichi. But we had all breeds over the years.

  2. Congrats! I have to short haired mini doxies and they are brother and sister. You will enjoy it so much. They give so mutch joy an love.


  3. Welcome to the land of Fur~Babies. . . it is such a wonderful place to live :0}

  4. Teddy is Gorgeous!! I understand your hesitance. They're just like having a or another child in the house. Hahaha. You have a lovely home and Spirit, so all will be well. Congrats on the addition


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