Planning a Baby Shower!?!?

by - 6/06/2012 01:16:00 PM

This weekend is my cousins baby shower, and boy am I super excited. I am the host for the event and also will be helping out with the decorations. Seeing how I love party planning. I wanted to show you guys a couple of ideas I would like to execute this Sunday.

I love making diaper cakes, it's something about creating them, that is super fun to me. I may try to recreate one similar to this. Super cute! Right?
If it is not too hot outside, this maybe an option :)

How cute are these???

This would surely come in handy with the warm weather.


I know the theme is pretty simple, and I will come up with a ton of ideas between now and the baby shower.  Now I just have to make a list of baby shower games. I'm trying to use very little printable ones. If you have any suggestion, I would love to hear! The two I have in mind is the purse game and also the game trying to figure out the size of the mom-be belly.

Have you ever hosted a baby shower? Any suggestions for me?

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  1. From the looks of everything, your cousin picked a good host. All nice ideas and I wish there were others I could advise, but I don't know of any.

    Here's a link that might help:

  2. At both of my showers, we did the baby food game (guess what kind of baby food is in the jar) and the diaper game (melt candy bars in a diaper and people guess what kind of candy it is).

    Good luck with the party planning!

  3. I helped cohost my friend's baby shower and it was so fun!!! We did the "can u guess the circumference of the mother's stomach" using yarn, we also played written games that involved naming all the baby food options ( who could name the most won the prize) and the blind baby food taste test. Now that was funny! We played about 6 games throughout the event but I can't remember them all. It's so easy to spend a ton of money so make sure u set a firm budget. Good luck!

  4. This is sooo fun...looks like it
    Will be a great baby shower!!

  5. Have fun planning the baby shower!

  6. I hope the baby shower turned out as planned! They are so much fun, for my last year we plated the game the 'Price is Right' it was a lot of fun!!!


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