3 Tips to Get Your Garden Growing with Spring Flowers

by - 5/03/2022 12:00:00 AM

If you've always wanted a flower garden, the perfect time is now. Below, I'm sharing tips for growing your spring flowers.  
Why Start a Flower Garden?
A flower garden is a wonderful hobby to have during the spring and summer months. It can also be very therapeutic to have and enjoy. 
Step 1 - Preparing the Ground for Planting
Preparation for planting is an important aspect of gardening. It is the first step in getting your garden ready for planting. This article will discuss some of the things that you need to do to prepare your ground for planting. 
Step 2 - Planting the New Plants
You can start your plants from seeds, and or visit your local plant nursery. Decide on what time of plants you would like to plant, and what type of care they require.  
Step 3 - Maintaining the Flower Garden Throughout Summer and Fall Season
Depending on the garden in which you have, it's really important to care for your flowers throughout the summer and fall seasons.

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  1. We planted a flower garden last spring. The lilies are just starting to pop up along with some other plants. We're not sure what all survived the winter.

  2. I just love flowers. I can't grow them, but I do appreciate them when other people do.

  3. I love gardening. I have a flower and a vegetable garden. I love to watch them both grow.

  4. I miss living in suburbia and having a garden! Thanks for this post!

  5. I am definitely trying to have more flowers, but I've never grown them on my own. I'm still so intimidated so these tips help

  6. I miss having a garden full of flowers, thanks for this lovely post, these tips is help me. thanks

  7. How I love spring and summer! I love flowers and I love how the nature, the garden smells!

  8. I am so in love with flowers, these are all really great and very helpful tips!

  9. Owning a garden is something I've always wanted. Thanks for the refresher on things to consider/remember when growing a garden.

  10. I'm planning to start a garden soon, so this post is perfect! Thanks for the tips :)

  11. I think something people often forget is to fertilize! Fertilizer should be used weekly. People ask me how my flowers get so healthy, and it's all about the fertilizer!

  12. I absolutely love having flowers along with my vegetable garden. There's just something so soothing about the beauty in the middle of the function.

    Any tips on the "maintaining" part? I find that I'm super into it for the first few months, but then once it gets super hot that I tend to lose the momentum.

  13. I am an avid want-to-be gardener! I love to watch things grow! I am just terrible at it! LOL!


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